Yet another "What is a Monad" post

Disclaimer: I dont claim to completely understand what monads are as I am still learning more about them but this is my attempt to explain it »

Railway Oriented Programming in Elixir

It would be a great world if everything ran without errors. Validating inputs from users and handling various other kinds of error ranging from databases access, »

Elixir Cowboy with IIS 8

HttpPlatformHandler: Microsoft recently release the HttpPlatformHandler module for IIS 8+. This module will allow any process that can receive request on some port to be used »

Connecting Elixir nodes in Azure

What is location transparency "In computer networks, location transparency is the use of logical names to identify network resources, independent of both the user's location and »

Using ElasticSearch in Elixir

ElasticSearch is a document database, not in the typical sense, topped up with a Lucene for doing free form text search on your document. This is »

Docker file for Phoenix

How many time have you started some project, setup your machine with the correct version of softwares and then after a while have to move to »