Binary pattern matching in Elixir with PNG parsing example

Dealing with binary data has always been a pickle in OOP language. Pattern matching is very fundamental to Elixir making the functions much more descriptive. I »

Spacemacs and Alchemist to make Elixir of immortality

Ok, lets be clear; this post is not about immortality, that will be for next time :). Instead its about transitioning to a combination of Emacs, Vim »

How to reliably start a service with UpStart

I recently had to start a service in Ubuntu server but I wanted it to be reliable. By reliable I mean it should be restarted in »

Monads in Elixir

This post is not about what monads are, I expect that you already know about them. The post is to see how you can use monads »

Elixir Phoenix framework embedded image for Raspberry Pi 2

Phoenix is a great framework and I think it will do for soft-realtime applications what Rubby on Rails did for typical CRUD applications i.e. make »

Blinking LED using Elixir embedded image on Raspberry Pi

In the April Seattle Erlang/Elixir Meetup the awesome guys at Rose Point Navigation gave a demo of burning Elixir/Erlang application as part of a »