Using ElasticSearch in Elixir

ElasticSearch is a document database, not in the typical sense, topped up with a Lucene for doing free form text search on your document. This is »

Docker file for Phoenix

How many time have you started some project, setup your machine with the correct version of softwares and then after a while have to move to »

Year in books - 2014

At the starting of the year 2014 I was determined to read more book. I am forming the habit to read more often now. Previously I »

Lazy Evaluation in C#

I started looking at Haskell and one thing that was interesting was the lazy evaluation. This allows you to write very generic functions and then chain »

Deploying Erlang Mochiweb app using Dokku

Deploying Erlang with rebar is very easy in Dokku. I'm gonna use hello-erlang to deploy the erlang application which is using mochiweb to server an HTTP »

Moved to Digital Ocean

I recently moved by blog and personal computing server to Digital Ocean from Linode. For my first impression I'm wondering why didn't I moved earlier, not »